What to wear to a wedding or family event: Tips and trends

The blog post below will be about what to wear for a wedding or family event. It provides tips and trends for different types of events. You shouldn’t have a problem finding something suitable in your wardrobe!

  • Women: When in doubt, wear a skirt. You can twist it up with heels and accessories. A simple blouse paired with jeans or trousers is also suitable for most weddings or family events. For more formal occasions, wear a cocktail dress that matches the theme of the occasion.
  • Men: The best option for men for any event is to wear dark pants and an acceptable shirt – the polo works for more casual situations, and button-down shirts are good as long as they aren’t too flashy! A jacket should be worn if you plan to attend a black tie event, such as a dinner party or a catering wedding party.

Whichever you choose to make sure it is comfortable for you and is appropriate for the occasion.

What to look for before buying clothes for a wedding? Tips for buying clothes before getting married:

  • Stick to the dress code. If you are unsure about your outfit, ask someone on the bride’s family side or check the information on the invitation. It will be a lot easier and less stressful if everyone is on the same side!
  • Make sure whatever you buy will be wrinkle free when you get there. This might take a bit of planning ahead, but it saves you a ton of hassle later. Hang freshly ironed clothes or put them in clothes bags as soon as possible after wearing them so that they are ready to go out at any time. Consider renting a formal outfit – this way you can be sure that everything will be well-fitted and will not require any previous modifications.
  • Take the necessary accessories with you. The last thing you want is to get there and discover that they require a tie or some other accessory that you don’t have!

What colors are suitable for a wedding attire?

  • White: It’s a tradition, so if it’s your first wedding, white is perfect. For more than one wedding, consider a different color instead of wearing all the white again (unless otherwise requested by the bride). If in doubt which colors would be appropriate, ask the person who invited you – usually they will know best
  • Black / Silver: Traditionally worn by men at black tie events such as a catering evening dinner or a formal reception after the morning ceremony before brunch; women can wear a black dress or a suit (depending on the type of event)
  • Gold: Traditionally worn by men at a catering evening dinner, and women can wear golden dresses, suits or skirts for informal occasions such as brunch after the morning ceremony.

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