A Brief History of Prada: The Biggest Brands of the Fashion World

The Prada brand is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1913. The company’s founder, Mario Prada, was a hat and leather goods manufacturer based in Milan. He began his career designing for avant-garde opera singers such as Enrico Caruso and Beniamino Gigli. His collaboration with these singers resulted in a long-term contract with Luisa Casati; it was one of Prada’s first collaborations with high society figures and helped establish the designer’s reputation around the world.

The first collection consisted of women’s coats and suits with stylish jackets and skirts. They were sold to well-dressed Italian customers at affordable prices using an innovative system that allowed them to buy clothes without trying them on or making prior choices. This gave rise to a philosophy that she adheres to today, which is based not only on designing clothes, but also on proposing collections suitable for different lifestyles and for different occasions.

Prada has changed names several times to reflect its growth. In 1937, it became a joint-stock company and over time opened boutiques all over the world (the first was located on Rue de Sèze). The brand expanded its activity with leather goods, as well as clothing lines, including ready-to-wear and accessories. In 1994, Miuccia joined her father Mario, who became the head of this prestigious fashion house.

Prada has been one of the most influential brands in history thanks to a reputation for high-quality manufacturing that does not detract from femininity or creativity since 1913, when it began designing hats and handbags using exotic leather imported from Africa. “

Mario Prada – a master tailor who became a fashion designer at the end of the 19th century – founded his company on July 18, 1913. The Prada line was created for only one store in Milan: Alta Moda di Mario Prada SRL (the initials mean “Mario Prada’s High Fashion”).

Prada’s current design offering includes

  • Men’s clothing, including suits, coats and jackets, pants and shirts
  • Women’s clothing, including dresses, skirts, blouses and knitwear
  • Shoes of all types (including men’s shoes), bags, ties and other accessories

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