History and offer: Primark – The largest clothing brands in the world

Primark is the second largest apparel retailer in the world, after H&M. Primark began operating in 1969 as a market stall in Dublin, Ireland, and now has over 260 stores in seven countries. It offers women’s, men’s and children’s clothing at affordable prices. Primark prides itself on providing customers with valuable products under its own brand “Primania”, which includes groceries such as crisps, biscuits and chocolate bars. The company also owns the Karen Millen brand, a high-end women’s clothing designer, which she acquired in 2006 for € 85 million.

Advantages of Primark brand products: stylish, fashionable and inexpensive clothes; quality guarantee; good customer service policy, where the management’s priority is to keep customers happy (which they do by lowering prices and free shipping); quick collection of clothes from stores for those who wish to return or exchange goods within 28 days.

Today Primark is celebrating its 50th anniversary! I know a lot of people shop at Primark because it has such great deals on all its products – like these really cute school shoes for example, which only cost 15 €! The staff of this shop was also very helpful any time I needed help finding something or my child had a problem. They always managed to fix the problem immediately. It was great doing business with them today.

I recommend shopping in Primark to everyone because of their great offers and the friendly attitude of the staff. I’m glad they have a long-term plan for the future, which includes opening new stores in Europe, Asia and North America.

That said – go to the nearest store! You will surely find something you are looking for there ?

Primark is one of my favorite places to shop because it has such cute clothes and really affordable prices! Clothes are always in fashion. They also offer amazing discounts across seasons where all customers can buy stuff at 50% off, or even more if the big sale is on. There has been a recent trend towards buying second-hand clothes or getting rid of old ones. I think people are starting to realize that this is much more environmentally friendly than constantly buying new products and sending them to landfills.

The store in Primark was also really well organized, which made me feel like a valuable customer from the moment I walked in (I didn’t have to wait too long). The staff was very nice and easily helped me find what I needed. They even gave me great tips on how I could wear certain things together! Since my experiences have been so positive each time, this is definitely one big advantage Primark has over other stores – not only because they are cheap, but because their prices don’t reflect the low quality either.

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