History and offer of Uniqlo – The largest clothing brands in the world

If you want to buy clothes, chances are you’ve heard of Uniqlo. This Japanese company is one of the leading fashion brands in the world and offers a wide selection of clothes for all ages. The story behind this brand is interesting, so let’s take a look at it!

Uniqlo was founded in 1949 by Tadashi Yanai with just $ 10,000. He wanted to create something different from other companies and offer high-quality clothing at affordable prices. Today their products can be found all over the world, including stores in China and America! History and offer of Uniqlo – the largest fashion brand in the world

The first store opened near the Tokyo train station on September 24, 1974 as the “Unique Clothing Warehouse” (Uniqlo), and the first Uniqlo logo was presented on that day.

There are currently over 1,400 stores in Japan alone and another 300 worldwide!

In 1985, Yanai noticed a gap in the American affordable clothing market. So he opened his first store outside of Japan in New Jersey – and has grown rapidly since then

Today, their offer has expanded to include clothes for all age groups, from babies to men’s shirts, as well as women’s pants and dresses, youth pants, skirts and accessories for both sexes, underwear and socks. “

The biggest competition of the Uniqlo brand is from Gap and H&M. They offer a great selection of clothes for all ages that are affordable

The future of the Uniqlo brand includes international expansion and new product lines.

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