The North Face – The biggest brands in the fashion world

The North Face is one of the world’s most famous outdoor brands. Its history goes back over 50 years and offers products for everyone, from babies to adults. Their slogan “Never Stop Exploring” is an example of their dedication to exploration and adventure.

The North Face was founded in 1968 by Douglas Tompkins and Kenneth “Hap” Klopp in San Francisco, California, after two mountaineers returned from an expedition with a new idea – there should be clothing specifically designed for outdoor use. The garment was originally called The Northeastern Mountain Sports or NEMO Clothing Company until 1978, when Doug changed its name to The North Face because he believed it to be the true north face of Mount Everest (the mountain on Earth that reaches the highest peak in the world). world).

The North Face has evolved from its roots as an outdoor clothing company into a fully-fledged clothing brand. In 1987, The North Face introduced the “Higher End” line of jackets and backpacks for climbers, skiers and mountain guides. A year later in 1988, they introduced their first backpack with a logo – the rest is history!

Today, The North Face offers products such as clothing (including down jackets), shoes, bags and accessories. They also sell leisure clothing such as underwear and sleeping bags under a variety of brands such as TNF black label and the Women’s Collection, which are available at most stores selling clothing designed by the iconic brand. In addition, you can find many collaborations with other brands around the world that produce merchandise inspired by The North Face’s expertise in outdoor clothing.

The latest novelty in the offer of The North Face is the addition of the “Nepal Edition” backpacks to its offer. These backpacks are part of a joint project with the International Medical Corps and Nepalese volunteers who helped thousands of people after the earthquake earlier this year. In total, 75% of the sales of these Nepalese edition backpacks will be donated directly to humanitarian aid in Nepal by the IMC! So the next time you’re looking for quality outdoor gear paired with an extra helping hand – look no further than The North Face!

The North Face is also known for its outerwear line, which includes coats, jackets and parkas – even though it is more focused on the spring / summer season with its collection of T-shirts and shorts! So if you’re looking for high-quality gear to withstand the harsh weather conditions, look no further than The North Face!

The biggest competition from The North Face brand are other outdoor clothing brands such as Columbia Sportswear, Bergans of Norway and Patagonia. These three brands share a similar history with The North Face, offering a wide variety of products with an outdoor feel.

The future of The North Face still looks great! In 2016, they will continue the production of clothing and accessories with a characteristic outdoor climate. They also plan to release a new range of wearable technologies such as jackets, hats and footwear that allow the user to control their electronic devices without taking them out of their pockets or bags – we can’t wait to see these items in stores near us!

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