The most fashionable colors from Pantone – Fall / Winter 2022/2023

Lava Falls – Lava Falls, passionate orange red with a captivating appearance

Fiery intense red is always a bold choice – here we can choose the leading color for the entire outfit or the perfect accent in the form of shoes or a scarf. In the next season, however, there will be nothing wrong with the styling where red is the dominant and almost the only color of the entire set.

Samoan Sun – Happy Samoan Sun enlightens and illuminates.

Another color is delicate shades of yellow and orange. To combine primarily with shades of red, but also with black or always fashionable white. This color is definitely calmer than bold red and will be more universal and friendlier for more subdued sets.

Orange Tiger – A sociable Orange Tiger, a high visibility orange with capriciousness.

Calmly, oranges do not convince you? Try a bolder tone and feel like a real predatory cat. It will give you energy, courage, self-confidence and youth, joy and modernity. As the name suggests – great contrasts with black or dark brown will be perfect here.

Rose Violet – Lively and vibrant, Rose Violet is brilliant and bold.

Time for a bold combination of purple and pink. Violet, which has been very fashionable in recent months, gently changes its face and enters heather tones. The range of colors from pink to purple gives a wide range of possibilities, which will work as the basis for the entirety of our styling.

Amazon – The Amazon is the lush and fertile green of tropical forests.

Amazon green is a less elegant proposition, which will make us stand out from the crowd. Full styling in the form of a dress or women’s suit or simple accessories such as handbags, shoes and scarves. All this gives a wide range of opportunities for women looking for energy and creativity.

Nosegay – Nosegay, fragrant floral pink that envelops the senses.

Very bright pink reminiscent of the 80’s, fairytale outfits or princess costumes. This season we are targeting the sweetest shades of pink and we are not afraid to use this color as the basis of our kit.

Waterspout – Waterspout Purification cools and refreshes.

Light blue is a calm color that can be used for evening and party dresses. Here, this color will work best, it will be elegant and timeless.

Caramel Café – Caramel Café, a delicious brown color that tempts with taste.

More subdued and calm brown color. The perfect addition to a bold outfit or a base for everyday, even office style. Jacket, shoes, handbag – all this in brown colors will reign in the coming season.

Midnight – Midnight, a mesmerizing deep blue reminiscent of the evening sky.

Dark blue color … navy blue … almost black. Almost black means practical, timeless, comfortable and goes with everything. Here again, we can only choose accessories or base our entire stylization on this color.

Martini Olive – Martini Olive, a fruit-inspired green shade with a hint of brine.

Another calm color – green, olive – You already know how perfect this color is for all kinds of accessories that you can combine with virtually any shade.

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