Longchamp – The largest clothing brands in the world: History and offer

Longchamp is one of the best clothing brands in the world and has been in the market for over a century. It all started when Jean Cassegrain became fascinated by horse racing and wanted to create a saddle that would fit the rider’s body better than any other saddle on the market. He believed it was possible because he had found a way to produce an unusually shaped piece of leather that was thicker at one end and thinner at the other. The idea for this new type of bag came from his wife who needed something stylish but practical for everyday use: She used his ideas and put them into practice by designing beautiful bags that could be carried over the shoulder or in hand and so it started, what we know today.

Longchamp was a French company from the very beginning when Jean Cassegrain’s wife produced handbags in her apartment. Soon after, the company began producing its products in larger workshops and stores in Paris, and then opened its first factory in France. The Longchamp brand quickly became popular on both sides of the Atlantic with its famous Le Pliage bag: Simple design with beautiful oval-shaped leather handles that can be easily folded up and stowed away when not needed. Today, it is one of our best-selling items: It comes in many variants / colors and can be worn on almost any occasion.

Longchamp bags are not only very popular with women; men love them too! The Le Pliage collection of bags in different variants is particularly well received by male customers, but they also have a large selection of shoulder bags that are perfect as everyday accessories for both genders. In addition to fashion items, Longchamp occasionally produces limited editions with special designs or collaborates with other brands, such as the famous French designer Agnès b., Who created several series with Longchamp during the 2012 25th anniversary of its stores. Interesting fact: this brand has produced more than just handbags over the years – it produced clothes for a short time under the Lacoste license (in 2012) and had a successful perfume line in the early 90’s!

Longchamp has stores all over the world (in 15 countries) and is present on every continent. The brand experienced its greatest growth in Europe, North America, Oceania, Japan and Southeast Asia: Today there are more than 570 Longchamp stores worldwide – an impressive number when you consider that it all started with one bag in 1908 was produced at home by Jean Cassegrain’s wife! Besides Le Pliage handbags, other popular products include luggage bags such as a beautiful suitcase, and travel accessories such as wallets. They also have small products that can be very handy when you go to work / school such as pens, pencil cases etc ..

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