How to pack for the trip? Top tips

Your luggage depends on the type of trip

Will you spend 2 weeks in a hotel by the pool? Maybe it’s a business trip and you’ll be attending business meetings? Are you going to the mountains and going to travel with a backpack, each time spending the night in a different place?

It all affects the type of baggage you need to pack. Think about what outfits you will need, whether you will be able to wash, or you can take a lot of luggage without worrying about it, or you need to save space and be careful about the weight of the luggage.

Travel is not a place to test new clothes

Remember that proven clothes are the best for a trip. The new ones can turn out to be uncomfortable, mismatched, and you will only tire yourself. Especially if it is to be an active trip. Then the new shoes can turn out to be torture.

Don’t take things as a spare

Often, when packing, we are tempted to take a few extra things just in case. 99% of them turn out to be unnecessary, they only take up space. If you are not going to a totally remote area, it is better to buy something on the spot than take too many clothes. Of course, we do not encourage you to travel without preparation, but do not take anything that you do not think is necessary.

Prepare sets of clothes

Prepare a set of clothes for each subsequent day of departure. You will be sure that you are taking the perfect number of items and that they will fit together. You don’t want your luggage to end up with clothes that don’t go well.

Prepare your clothes in advance

Don’t pack at the last minute. Think about what you want to take with you, put clothes out of the wardrobe. Then you will be able to evaluate the set you have prepared and assess whether you are able to take everything with you. We know very well that when packing at the last minute, we will always forget something important or throw too many clothes into the suitcase.

Fold your clothes properly

If you calmly and carefully fold the clothes in the suitcase, you will be able to take more of them. Additionally, you can avoid the need to iron on the spot. We know very well what our clothes look like after returning from a trip when we did not pay attention to how we fold them.

  1. Secure your clothes

In the suitcase, you will also carry other things than clothes – for example, cosmetics. It is worth to properly protect the clothes so that they do not get damaged or stained during transport. Remember that the suitcase on the plane may not be put away perfectly and gently, and even if the trip is by car or train, there is a possibility of shocks.

Clothes are not everything

Finally, don’t forget about other essentials during your trip. Cosmetics, documents, money, telephone, electronic accessories, a camera, a guide or a small first aid kit should also be in your luggage.

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