How to dress for hiking? Fashion and sport in beautiful nature

If you’ve been a fan of hiking for a long time, then probably your outfit is full, practical and stylish today. However, for new trekking fans, completing the entire outfit can be difficult. That is why we have prepared a small shopping list for everyone who wants to start their adventure with long hiking trips.

A few important things to start with.

Remember that trekking clothing must be created using quick-drying materials that wick away sweat. It must be thermoactive clothing adapted to the season. It is also worth paying attention to the seamless thermoactive underwear, which will be much more comfortable while walking. And the last, always accurate advice is to wear layers. We have to be prepared for changing weather conditions and be able to adjust our clothes to the current temperature and weather.

Summer hiking clothing set:

  • T-shirt – we should immediately decide on functional t-shirts made of polyester or merino wool.
  • Trekking pants – You have to choose the length yourself. Trousers with detachable legs may be practical. Again, the material will be important, but it is worth trying to buy pants with a built-in belt and a flat button.
  • Trekking socks – do not take ordinary socks with you. Trekking socks are comfort and hygiene which is very important on the trail.
  • Thin rain jacket – Even in summer you can be surprised by unpleasant rain.
  • Fleece sweatshirt – For cool mornings and evenings, especially in the mountains
  • Cap or other headgear

A set of trekking clothes for spring and autumn:

  • T-shirt with long sleeves – the so-called long sleeve shirt in a thermoactive version
  • Sleeveless – A down vest that provides warmth and freedom of movement
  • Softshell – A combination of a rain jacket and a warm sweatshirt
  • multifunctional scarf – an accessory that can be turned into a scarf, headgear, headband
  • all elements from the summer collection

Winter hiking clothing set:

We recommend caution especially for novices. Winter is not the best season to learn. We recommend trying winter trips only for experienced users who no longer need such a list.

  • gaiters and a thermal shirt
  • wool socks
  • insulated trekking pants
  • warm steam
  • membrane jacket
  • hat
  • gloves
  • chimney
  • gaiters
  • all items from previous collections

Trekking shoes

High shank, tightly built, stiff shoes for the most difficult expeditions are the basis. Choosing the right trekking shoes is basically a topic for the next guide. Properly warmed, protected and dry feet are an essential part of long hikes. Shoes should be worn on shorter routes and checked in the field for a very long route. Do not choose the cheapest models and consult the seller on the choice.

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