History and offer of the largest clothing brands in the world: Nike

Nike is one of the largest clothing brands in the world and remains a leading company in the industry to this day. The company was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in 1964, when they were both athletes at the University of Oregon. Originally named Blue Ribbon Sports, the company changed its name to Nike in 1971.

Nike manufactures a wide variety of products including clothing, sneakers, hardware and accessories. In 2008, Nike launched the Fuelband, which was the first wearable device from a sports company. Most recently, in June 2015, Nike released the new Nike + Move App for iPhone to help users track how much physical activity they do each day. The app also syncs with Apple Watch so you can see your progress on your wrist!

How was the name NIKE created?

The name Nike was originally a combination of the names of the Greek goddess of victory, Athena, and Skai (a river in Greece). The company officially removed the word “Athlete” from its logo in 1971. In 2003, Nike switched to its current slogan: Just do it.
Famous NIKE brand products

Nike is known for its slogan “Just do it” and the Nike Swoosh logo, which is a simple black and white checkered sign.

The first shoe with the Nike Swoosh logo was released in 1972. In 1979, the Air Max shoe line was introduced, which became one of the most popular products in the company’s history!

In 1982, Michael Jordan joined the Chicago Bulls basketball team with his own Nike on his feet! The Air Jordans quickly became an international sensation and by 1985 (when MJ retired from baseball) had sold for over $ 100 million. Today you can find them in every possible color – all inspired by MJ’s love for cats!

Other famous Nike products include the Nike Air Force I and Flyknit Racer.

Nike’s biggest competition is Adidas, Puma and New Balance.

Nike has stores all over the world as well as online stores where customers can choose from.

The company remains a leader in the global fashion industry, producing high-quality apparel and footwear with eye-catching designs that are still in vogue.

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