History and evolution of the Hermes brand: A fashion brand whose idea is innovation

Hermes – the world’s largest fashion brand and pioneer of innovation has been operating for over a century. Hermes is one of the most iconic names in the luxury goods industry, and her signature silk scarves and Birkin purse are among the most coveted items by people around the world. This blog post provides a historic look at how this French brand has evolved from a small manufacturer to one of the leading luxury brands today.

In 1837, Thierry Hermes started his business in a small silk weaving factory. He soon realized that the most expensive materials were wool and silk from Lyon, France. In 1865 he was awarded the prestigious title of “Master of Wool Manufacturing” by King Louis Philippe for producing high-quality fabrics and exporting them to Russia, England, Germany, Austria and Denmark. His sons joined him at age 11 and took over running the business when their father died in 1888 on the eve of World War I. These include luxurious, handmade suitcases and bags, which have become one of the hallmarks of Hermes. The brothers were inventive and made full use of their materials, e.g. using old silkworm cocoons to make waterproof material for car roofs. They also used a technique called ‘crocheting’, which involves twisting the threads to create a mesh that can be formed into shapes. This is how the iconic Hermes scarf pattern was created in 1923. In 1970, the brothers took a chance and began producing ready-to-wear garments. The first woman to wear one of their projects was actress Catherine Deneuve, who wore it in her latest film, Belle de Jour. In 2000, they launched a women’s line called “Hermès Éditions”.

Today’s Hermes range includes a luxury fashion house as well as its own exclusive boutiques around the world. The company is now working with a large number of designers and has also launched new brands to meet the changing needs of consumers in today’s fast-paced society.

The greatest advantages of Hermes products are that they are made of the best materials and that each of them is unique.

Hermes is the originator and always developing fashion innovator. The history of the brand, from its inception to the present day, shows that it has been at the forefront of innovators for decades. As we embark on a new era with Jean-Claude Biver as CEO, we can expect more creativity in design that will push boundaries and inspire future generations to be innovative thinkers like those who came before them. It’s clear that this company is not afraid to take risks or fail if it believes its ideas are worth pursuing – and has built up an iconic legacy for itself over time.

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