Asics: The largest fashion brands in the world – history and offer

Asics is a Japanese company that offers a variety of footwear for both men and women. Founded in 1949, Asics has grown to become one of the largest brands in the world.

Here are some facts about this popular footwear line:

  • Founder of Onitsuka Tiger began manufacturing rubber sole basketball shoes in Kobe, Japan in 1949
  • In 1982, American Phil Knight invested $ 500,000 in the company and changed its name to “ASICS” (which means ‘no limits’)
  • The first ASICS shoes were sold exclusively through specialist running stores
  • Today ASICS offers over 400 different models worldwide – ASICS has contracts with over 400 professional athletes
  • In 2015, Asics launched an online store and a mobile application to make its products available all over the world. The mobile application includes several augmented reality features that allow customers to virtually try on their shoes before purchasing them.

Characteristics of Asics equipment:

  • Asics Gel technology ensures maximum comfort and shock absorption. It is used in many shoes of this brand
  • DuraSponge outer sole, which is specially designed for running shoe soles, provides durability and traction on both wet and dry surfaces
  • GEL heel cushioning system reduces shock to the back of the foot for a more comfortable run
  • AHAR rubber compound increases traction between your feet and the road or treadmill surface on long runs
  • Asics offers its customers a variety of footwear including walking shoes, trail running shoes, women’s sports sneakers and men’s running shoes.

The financial situation of Asics:

  • In 2016, Asics sales were approximately $ 980 million worldwide
  • With over 400 stores in Japan and around the world, it is one of the largest footwear companies in Asia
  • The company has an almost 20% share in the Japanese sports shoes market. This makes them second only to Nike with 48%, leaving little more than a third for all other brands combined, according to this year’s Euromonitor International report. This means that big brands like Adidas (13%), Reebok (11%) and Puma (less than half a percentage point) have a long way to go to the top of the podium next to Nike in terms of Asian market share.

The biggest competition of the Asics brand:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Under Armor
  • New Balance

The future of the Asics brand:

  • Onitsuka Tiger was purchased by the Japanese company Sojitz Corporation in 2000
  • In June 2017, Asics launched its first-ever clothing line for men and women. The collection is now available online at
  • In October 2017, the brand announced that it was opening a new chapter in its running series with three new GEL-KAYANO® models
  • The company continues its expansion at an international level and has offices all over the world. One is even north of New York City for all US customers looking to place special orders or buy products online.

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